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  • 08:17 Re-invent your desktop in 3D? Really snappy application by BumpTop – Socialize with #Twitter & #Facebook – #
  • 10:51 @TitanGrl It is the craziest thing I have seen in awhile. I used the free version for awhile and may buy the advanced app. #
  • 10:52 @JeffHurt Thanks. Am working on a Mega-Twitter Guide at the moment as well. #
  • 10:54 @xgineer Congrats. Will remember the mention for #followfriday #
  • 10:55 Sign up & use Seesmic Desktop. Trying it our for the 1st time this morning. Enjoying it – #

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Two New iPhone Models in the Works – PCW

“According to this article new high and low end iPhone models are coming dependent  upon a consumer’s geographic area.  I do not completely agree with strategies regarding multiple models.  It would seem the overall success of the current iPhone model justifies a single hardware release with additional feature activation via application add-on.  Better video support, Wi-Fi and camera are basic features that should be standard to all iPhones in a mediary pricing rage.  Especially phone upgrades.  I agree with certain geographic locations receiving the “low” end model based on an areas network infrastructure but standard features are standard features.  I would want all hardware features with application add-on.  This newly announced strategy should be interesting to follow.”

Courtesy of PCW Business Center – Authored by John Cox, Network World

iphone-angled-rightAn equity research firm is predicting that Apple will shortly introduce two new iPhone models, tailored for different geographic markets.

That’s a somewhat different perspective from others who have predicted that the recent preview of the iPhone 3.0 operating system indicates that a new high-end model will be unveiled about mid-year. Instead, Daniel Amir, semiconductors analyst with Lazard Capital Markets, says in his report that a high-end phone will be sold in North America and a low-end model in several fast-growing overseas markets, such as Brazil, China, India and Russia.

The LCM analysis was picked up by AppleInsider’s Katie Marsal.

The North American model will have video support, a better digital camera and 32GB of memory. The low-end version will lack video support, and possibly lack a Wi-Fi radio, and have less storage.

There’s been speculation recently that several hardware IDs found in the 3.0 software beta hint at multiple new OS X-based mobile devices, including new models of iPhone, iPod Touch, and possibly entirely new products.

In the report cited by AppleInsider, LCM’s Amir says iPhone shipments are much stronger than expected so far in 2009 and will continue so. He writes that first calendar quarter shipments could reach 4 million units, in part because of an exceptionally strong March, possibly reaching 1.5 million units. While analysts had been expected quarterly shipments to reach 3 million to 3.5 million, Amir is predicting 3.8 million to 4 million.

And he thinks that number could nearly double in the second quarter, though AppleInsider’s Marsal noted the pace might not be sustained if buyers expect a mid-year release of a new model, and postpone buying the current iPhone 3G.

The 3.0 OS release, due out this summer according to Apple, will offer more than 100 changes, and over 1,000 new APIs available to iPhone software developers. Among the base OS changes are support for copy/paste, and for being able to tether a laptop to the iPhone and use the phone to access the Internet. (Watch videos of iPhone apps of the week.)

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SKYPE IPHONE restrictions stir up lobbying to Europe, FCC – FierceVoIP

“Below is a recent news occurrence of concerns over SKYPE’s affect on Telco firms Globally including usage blocks of SKYPE over 3G networks.  What is interesting to note is the threat of VoIP as a whole on the Telecom industry.  I predict that these proposed 3G road blocks are the first of a series to surface. ”

Courtesy of – Authored by Doug Mohney


The release of Skype for iPhone may have opened a Pandora’s box of legal headaches for carriers. In Europe, Deutsche Telekom (DT) has said it will prohibit the use of VoIP apps on its 3G network, restrict use of said apps on the company’s hotspot network, and cancel the contract of customers who try to work around the restrictions. Meanwhile, public advocacy group Free Press is asking the Federal Communications Commission to investigate AT&T’s implementation of Skype on the iPhone, wondering if restricting use of Skype to WiFi and locking out 3G is a violation of federal law.

Skype is turning up its political lobbying efforts to turn up the heat on DT, calling on supporters to contact European politicians in a blog posting. The Voice on the Net (VON) coalition Europe (, not to be confused with the American version or the dead trade show, is also gearing up against DT’s banning of Skype for iPhone with a press statement saying that blocking of voice apps on mobile devices is “highly detrimental” for European consumers; Skype is a member of the group, along with Google, Microsoft, and Intel.

On Friday, Free Press called for the FCC to confirm that wireless networks must adhere to the FCC Internet Policy Statement, saying that consumers should have the right to access any online content and services on any device of their choosing. Skype for iPhone is one of three examples cited where wireless vendors are limiting the functionality of applications and/or content.

Whether or not the FCC as currently constituted is in any shape to make a policy statement is another issue. Currently, Michael Copps is serving as acting FCC chairman while Julius Genachowski awaits confirmation on Capitol Hill, while there are only two other FCC Commissioners seated at this time.

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My Brother’s Handmade Michael Myers Mask Collection

This is out of my normal writing scope but I wanted to share something that really made me proud of my brother. His “Handmade Mask Collection.” I was totally BLOWN away at his talents concerning these handmade masks. It really shows in the video regarding his dedication to detail and the replication of each and every mask since the series inception. I hope all Michael Myers fanatics visit Justin’s video blog on YouTube. Be sure and watch the entire video and leave a comment so I can share our thoughts with him. Absolutely Impressive!

Justin Fulkerson’s Handmade Michael Myers Mask Collection

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50 Of The Best Twitter Guides & Tips On The Internet

Twitter has been the choice of communication for many Bloggers and Businesses to deliver their messages across this network chain where users are able to follow daily tweeting on your twitter board.

How do you get your twitter tweeting and receive responses from the crowd? First you need to introduce yourself into the big arena.  New to twitter? You need double the amount of effort to increase the level of followers who will then follow what you have to say. Looks for friends and family first followed by searches on youy last name or closer by region using your city, state and local colleges.  If you already command a certain authority in a targeted niche, you probably already have a large fan base waiting to follow what you have to ‘Say.

Twitter has became so popular that everyone is talking and buzzing about how you can use twitter to improve your business and network. Here are 50 of the best twitter guides and tips at your disposal from the internet.

Guides To Use Twitter Better

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Features and Benefits You can Optimize Using Twitter

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Tips, Tips and More Tips On Tweeting

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