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Attention friends and avid readers.  I am moving forward with developing a new website.  A website that inspires to demonstrate to readers all the rage today.  Rageburner can either follow current concepts with enthusiasm or dismay.  A positive or negative.  An end that leads to a new beginning. This is known as Rageburner.  Look forward to joining us. was developed to cover a miriad of initial topics and future development:

  • “All The Rage” ~ The latest product reviews or technology news
  • “Rant and Rage” ~ Topics that either encourage or discourage myself, my writers or especially the readers
  • “Rage Burns” ~ Separate section that shows the affects of rage on our community (hopefully you)
  • “Rage This” ~ Tagged RSS Feeds developed to follow current Trends
  • “Join Rage” ~ Very important stop for rage readers to Join and Share in our future open panel user forum
  • “Advertise with Rage” ~ Future product announcements shared with the rage panel, now available to you

Many hours conceptualizing a content space have been spent to generate and opinionate readers. Hopefully you will join in this journey by reading and adding inspirational ideas. In the meantime, please post a comment or e-mail letting me know what you think. Comments can be about the articles found here or the rage concept. I look forward to hearing from you.


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